Managing Your Child's Health Naturally

Nutrition, Lifestyle & Natural Remedies to effectively manage childhood sickness

Would you like to look after your child’s health using proven, natural & safe remedies rather than harmful pharmaceuticals?

Learn how to build great lasting health & resilience for your child using a few ingredients from your kitchen pantry or herb garden

We cannot make our children bullet proof from sickness; however ACTION can be taken to ensure they bounce back quickly.

This workshop will allow you to feel confident and empowered to handle simple fever, cold, flu infections and those pesky ear infections that would normally be treated using pharmaceuticals.



during this workshop you will learn:

  • The simple tips to monitor your child’s health and catch the early signs of sickness
  • The basics of what it means to be healthy and have a resilient immune system
  • Making fever your friend and not the enemy
  • Simple strategies you can do on a daily basis to boost the health of your child
  • The MUST HAVE simple & safe remedies to make at home to manage cold, coughs, flu & simple infections + a simple Winter Wellness Checklist
  • Probiotic herbal tonics you can make using ingredients from your garden, spices or even good quality organic tea bags
  • What is needed to support the body when taking pharmaceuticals
  • Immune boosting recipes that can be added daily to your child’s diet to supercharge their health
  • A month to month yearly BLUEPRINT detailing the EXACT steps to follow to ensure lifelonghealth and happiness for your child

What’s included:

  •    A detailed Real Healthy Kids Manual for you to take home, supporting information provided during the workshop PLUS a range of immune boosting recipes
  •   Cheat sheets to support your manual for quick & easy reference
  •   Samples of MUST HAVE first aid homemade tonics to amplify the immune system, build resilience & treat common ailments such as cold, flu, coughs & infections
  •   Healthy snack
  •   Q & A
  •   Follow up support in a closed Facebook group for 2 weeks
    •   I will also be hosting a Live Facebook Video in the Group where you can tune in or watch after the recording
    •   Opportunity to ask questions during the Facebook Live Video

What to bring

  •   Pen & paper to makes notes

This workshop is suitable for Parents and Carers who want to create resilient, healthy & happy children naturally.

EARLY BIRD OFFER: Book your ticket by 10th June 2017 and bring a friend for FREE. Email me your details ( and I'll add +1 to your name.

Cost: $49

Date:  Saturday 24th March

Where:  sutherland multipurpose centre (Flora Street)

Time:  2:30pm - 5:00pm

Purchase your ticket:


Chantal is a Certified Nutrition & Wellness Coach who specialises in working with stressed and overwhelmed mothers to help improve the health of their child by using a wholefood approach and implementing a personlised step by step wholistic plan.