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4 Steps to keeping the family's immune system & gut healthy over the holiday period


Yay, school is out, it's the festive season and it's summer holidays. So much to look forward to!

Let’s not be fooled into a false sense of security just because the weather has warmed up. The truth be told, the bugs are just as rampant in the summer.

The primary reason why the immune is weakened is through poor nutrition & STRESS!

For this reason, we don’t want to let our guard down in terms of nutrition & wellness.

Let's be honest, for the few days over the festive period, all eating standards will go out the door (WITHOUT GUILT), but we definitely not for the WHOLE of the holiday period. This is just counter productive longer term.

It is best to maintain ideal nutrition & wellness 80-90% of the time. My preference is 90% because at 80%, this leaves room for up to 4 meals in a week that can slip and personally I think this is too much. At the end of the day, start where ever you are, and improve one step at a time.

The main focus during the holidays and just about EVERY day of the year should be on the following:

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  • Plenty of vegetables – get creative how you can get this into them. This time of year is perfect to have the rainbow cut up and served with your favourite dip
  • Healthy fats – think nuts, seeds, olive oils, butter, oily fish, avocado and full fat dairy if tolerated
  • Minimal fruit - remember to eat seasonal. So many awesome fruits this time of year such as watermelon, peaches, cherries, berries, mango
  • Pasture fed protein
  • Clean Water
  • Fermented foods & drinks
  • Broth & gelatin

Steps to keeping the family's immune & gut healthy:

  1. Wholefood ONLY 80-90% of the time.
  2. Include gut healing foods DAILY. In this blog I detail how you can easily include gut healing foods daily without even trying
  3. Make Healthy Swaps 80-90% of the time:
    1. Margarine =====> Butter
    2. Vegetable Oils=====> Olive oil
    3. Flavoured, preservative laddened crisps =====> plain chips, better quality or air popped popcorn
    4. Sugary Yoghurt =====> Greek yoghurt topped with your favourite fruit, granola and a swirl of maple syrup or honey if you need a sweetener
    5. Soft drinks =====> Water, make your own fermented drinks or flavoured coconut water (you still need to check the ingredients and sugar content of these)
    6. Commercial ice-creams ====> Make your own with 4 easy ingredients or make a smoothie and freeze into popsicles. Even better, add a quality probiotic and then you will have a probiotic smoothie/popsicle
  4. Keep hydrated with clean water mainly. The body is 60-70% water.

Just keep in mind, food is medicine and it is lways fueling one of 2 things , sickness or health. What do you you choose?

Relaxing the rules every now and then is unlikely to have a detrimental effect longer term, provided you know how to press the RESET button. Enjoy the summer, choose wisely and most of all be peaceful, happy and grateful.


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Chantal is a Certified Nutrition & Wellness coach with a special interest simplifying and implementing gut healing nutritional protocols using a personalised wholistic step by step approach.


5 Easy Ways to get Healing Foods into your kids without fuss!

Getting healing foods into you or your child daily does not have to be a struggle.In fact when you re-adjust your mindset to that of wholefoods ONLY, it’s just something you do on a daily basis and then it does not become a “thing”

Many of the types of foods are consumed on a daily basis anyway, so it’s just a matter of thinking how can I make this more nutrient dense and add a healing agent food.

Below,  I’ve given you 5 easy ways of getting healing food into the diet on a daily basis:

1. Smoothie

Who doesn’t love a good smoothie? This is a fabulous food to get extra nutrition into your child without them necessarily knowing the goodness included

Types of extra goodness to that can be added:

  • Use non dairy milk alternatives such as homemade nut, seed or coconut milk varieties
  • Probiotics – they wouldn’t even know! Just make sure it's good quality and broad spectrum
  • Clean protein powders or collagen hydrolysate for gut healing benefits
  • Whey – the liquid strained from yoghurt for probiotic goodness
  • Superfood powders, like these from Nutra Organics
  • Coconut oil or butter for cellular and gut health

There is just so much bang for your buck in a smoothie

2. Blissball

A great way to get awesome extra goodness into them such as protein, fat, fibre, zinc and magnesium by way of ingredients such as nuts, seeds & dates, cacoa and coconut oil or butter

Add extra goodness such as:

  • Hydrolysed gelation
  • A little turmeric
  • Superfood such as nutri organics
  • Soak the dates in some water kefir then you have a probiotic Blissball

3. Soups and casseroles

A wonderfully healing and great way to get veggies, slow cooked meats and broth into them that are tasty. Favourites for us are slow cooked lamb shanks and a root vegetable soup. Funny thing is my little man is not a fan of "eating" pumpkin but will happily have pumpkin soup, go figure! My princess on the other hand is not a fan of soup period, but loves Chicken Noodle just have to work with what you have :-)

4. Jelly or gummies

Who said gut healing food had to be all about broth. You can still get all the great properties of a broth in a jelly or gummy using a quality grass-fed gelatin. It is definitely not a replacement for broth, but an addition to.

Take it a step further add additional goodness such as:

  • Raw honey as a sweetener for amazing immune boosting anti-microbrial properties. It's still a sugar, so go easy :-)
  • Quality broad spectrum probiotic capsules and you have a probiotic gummy
  • Herbal tinctures such as Elderberry syrup for wonderful immune boosting
  • Even use the gelatin to make custards, puddings and panacotta

5. Water

Who would guess water??? Amazingly you can ferment water with the right starter culture and then you have probiotic water, otherwise known as Water Kefir.

Ferment it a second time with a fruit of choice and you a flavoured probiotic tonic.

You can incorporate the above food daily as a guide:

  1. Breakfast: - Smoothie either but itself which is quite satisfying or alongside something like porridge pancakes. Recipe can be found in this blog post in the download
  2. Snack – Blissball – only need 1 depending on how big you make them
  3. Lunch/dinner –  soup or casserole with a small probiotic drink
  4. Snack – a few gummies

I've put together the following recipes in an easy downloadable Ebook:

  1. Gummy
  2. Root Vegetable soup
  3. Blissballs
  4. Ginger probiotic tonic
  5. Water/Coconut Water kefir

If you are wanting to address your health or that of your family using nutrition & wellness principles, do not hesitate schedule your FREE Health Mapping Session here or here

Chantal is a Certified Nutrition & Wellness Coach that specialises in helping stressed and overwhelmed mums heal their children with wholefoods using a personalised wholistic step by step approach.