Healing Eczema a 2nd Time & the lessons I learnt along the way!!

In the interest of being of very open and transparent, I have really been fighting with myself whether to share this or not. I felt like a fraud basing my success on healing my son’s very bad eczema naturally as a baby, and for it never to be seen again until mid last year.

Checking in again with my purpose, vision and passion for what I do, it was to inspire, support and empower as many families on similar journeys to make lasting nutritional & wellness changes to lead a healthy happy life.

With that in mind, I decided it was only right to share my recent experience. After all, living optimally is journey and not a destination and definitely not linear.

You would have thought I’d be all calm and relaxed about this seeing we had been through all this before, but instead I was blubbering mess when the penny dropped as to what was happening.

In fact I freaked out (that is putting it mildly) and so did my husband. It was pure and utter FEAR, as a storm of unpleasant feelings and memories came flooding back. It was a place I NEVER wanted to visit again.

The crazy thing about it, was that the eczema was no where near as bad as he previously had it and it was very localised.

No amount of logic and rationalisation could remove the fear and utter devastation I was feeling. I just kept on thinking “I can’t do this again”. As he is older now and could understand more, his view was “Mum, you fixed this before when I was a baby, you can do it again”, but deep down I thought what if I can’t.

He contracted the molascum virus which is common and ordinarily harmless, however it triggered eczema again.

After wallowing in my own self-pity, I decided to pull up my big girl pants and start the healing process AGAIN. As always, it was a multi-faceted approach.

I sort help from a qualified health practitioner to assist with supplementation as it was obvious his immune system needed some help to fight this virus.



During the healing process we focused on all 4 key foundations of health and these were the steps that I took:


Undertaking the GAPS protocol a few years ago, he was already base-lined so I did not feel the need to put him on another cycle again. Instead I took the principles and put them to work. One week a month for 4 months we completed a mini healing protocol, i.e his diet consisted of all soft easy to digest foods such stews, casseroles, soups and plenty of broth, meat and well cooked vegetables. The remaining time the focus was on quality wholefoods with plenty of vegetables, quality protein, quality fats, minimal grains, gluten free and healing foods such as broth and fermented foods on a daily basis


This time I stool tested him and identified that he was particularly low on a specific strain of beneficial bacteria and we supplemented him on a single strain for a period of 3 months.I also ensured his diet contained plenty of PREBIOTIC fibre to help the current beneficial flora to flourish.


By default with what we were doing, we were allowing the body to naturally detoxify itself. Some supplements were also added to assist with this. See below. He also bathed daily in either epsom salts or bi-carb soda to further assist the detoxification process. We are typically a low tox house, so that side of things have always been taken care of.

Emotional Well-being

This was a biggy, more for me than him. It was probably the area that had the greatest impact on his recovery......much to my surprise and a concept I was really RESISTING.

When I consulted the book “The Secret Language of Your Body” Eczema was seen as a result of anger, resentment and frustration. Given his nature of being so grounded and pleasant, I could not understand how he could be experiencing these emotions. After digging some more, I became to understand that this was energetically being fed off me........say WHAT!! I was in fact experiencing these trapped emotions and I was the one who needed to work on my emotions. I used the Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) along with a few other strategies to shift this and I saw dramatic results in his skin within 24 hours. I was GOBSMACKED. This was months after working on all of the other aspects above which were yielding results, however actively working on this foundational pillar just really sped up the healing.

I no longer could ignore the impact and connection our inner being had to our physical well-being AND that of our children.

Supplements we found useful and their purpose

  • Colostrum for immune support
  • Saccharomeycess Boulardii – to promote growth of beneficial bacteria and yeasts
  • Activated B – to assist with methylation & detoxification
  • Liver Support – further aid detoxification
  • Single strain & broad spectrum probiotics – promote beneficial bacteria growth
  • Fulvic Minerals – supplementation of trace minerals
  • Essential fatty acid Fish Oil. – good for skin health
  • Vitamin C – Immune and collagen

Other Treatments we undertook

  • Homeopathy to further support healing and he really responds well to it
  • Cranial osteopathic adjustments
  • EFT to support his emotional well-being during the healing process

Please note, I provide this list for informational purposes ONLY and everything listed has been prescribed by a qualified health practitioner purely based on my little man.

Please consult a health care provider before deciding to consume any supplements for health benefits

My takeaway lessons from this experience:

  1. Health is not a destination - it's a journey and you need to be aware, flexible and adaptable
  2. Knowledge is power and empowering. It doesn't matter how many times you need to press the RESET button, you have the tools and knowledge to be able to it
  3. Do not underestimate the power of emotional well-being and it's impact on physical health, i.e. FIRSTLY for ourselves as mums AND then teaching our children how to be emotionally intelligent.
  4. You need work on EACH of the 4 foundations to resolve any health condition long term.

I am pleased to report that his eczema healed beautifully once again, and in fact he so much more stronger and resilient because of it, as we did not try to suppress the condition or the virus, but instead worked at the root causes, supported and allowed the body to heal itself.

I now actually have gratitude for this experience as it has brought a whole new understanding of what it means to be truly HEALTHY and with an innate knowing that you CANNOT just focus on nutrition, EACH of the 4 foundations needs to be actively addressed which I do in my signature 1:1 Healing with Wholefood Program.

If you are stuck on your healing journey, either for yourself or your child, get in contact with me for a 30 minute FREE Health Mapping Session to see how best to move you forward.


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Chantal is a Certified Nutrition & Wellness Coach that specialises in helping stressed and overwhelmed mums heal their children with wholefoods using a personalised wholistic step by step approach.


Homeopathy and why you should consider using it! Interview with Carolyne Hallet

I would love to introduce to you to the amazing  Carolyne Hallet from Homeopath to Health.

Carolyne has been my Homeopathic Practitioner for nearly a decade. She is amazing and ridiculously passionate about Homeopathy and you can definitely feel this through the interview together.

Carolyne first crossed my path when we were trying to heal my son’s eczema and the use of this modality alongside other therapies have been instrumental in our ability to heal him naturally.

It’s so hard to ignore her passion for this medicine and with each and every consultation we had, she was always educating me. What this has meant over the years is that I was empowered with so much knowledge that I was able to replace most over the counter medicine with this type of medicine instead.  This as a mother is priceless! Knowledge gives you confidence and empowerment,  meaning you no longer feel helpless, but instead can take an active part in promoting health and resolving sickness.

I’d be lost without this complimentary medicine as part of my tool box for health.

In this interview, we explore the following:

  1. How her passion for this wonderful complimentary medicine was ignited through her own experience
  2. How homeopathy works. You can read more about that here
  3. What homeopathy is most useful more
  4. The best remedies to have on hand
  5. Her Message to the world – Try it and give it a go.

Watch the Video Interview Below:

You can also listen to the Audio here:


Carolyne, can be contacted via her website. Homeopath to Health. Although she is physically located in London, she is able to conduct world wide appointments via Skype or phone. If you are local to London, appointments can be had face to face at her home practice or Neal's Yard in Notting Hill.

I cannot recommend this woman enough!

You can also read more about Dr Emoto’s work here

Chantal is a Certified Nutrition & Wellness Coach that specialises in helping stressed and overwhelmed mums heal their children with wholefoods using a personalised wholistic step by step approach.

The 3 P's of Gut Healing

And it has nothing to do with food, per say!

As you are about to embark on any sizeable change, more than likely there are feelings of overwhelm by the enormity, and that is totally understandable. Sometimes these feelings can over power you and prevent ACTION from making taking place.

When starting your gut healing journey, there is plenty to consider such as the foods to include and exclude, how you are ACTUALLY going to bring the family on board, where do you get the food from and then WHAT are you going to make that the family WILL eat with the path of least resistance. Like everything, there is a process to change and its needs to be tackled in small bit sized chunks.

So, let’s get into it.

So the first P in gut healing is PLANNING!

It all starts with planning. Actually it starts a little before this with a clear defined Vision of EXACTLY what you want to achieve during your healing journey, WHY you want this and by WHEN, but that is a blog post for another day.

When starting your gut healing journey, planning is crucial and paramount to your success on any protocol you choose. Without this, you are guaranteed to set yourself up for failure.

Wikipedia defines planning as the following:

Planning (also called forethought) is the process of thinking about and organizing the activities required to achieve a desired goal. It involves the creation and maintenance of a plan, such as psychological aspects that require conceptual skills. There are even a couple of tests to measure someone’s capability of planning well. As such, planning is a fundamental property of intelligent behavior.

Actions to consider when planning your gut healing journey:

  1.  Be clear from where you are now and where you need to be. Break it down into smaller steps or milestones as to how you will achieve your desired outcome
  2. Identify any obstacles UPFRONT that could get in the way of the plan being a success and you achieving your desired outcome of optimal health. Also include potential strategies that could be employed to mitigate the obstacles. In project management terms (my former life) this is referred to as risk management, you literally plan what to do in the event of something going wrong before it happens.
  3. Identify any help or support you may need to carry out your plan. That could be in the form of home help, specialised practitioners, health coach etc.
  4. Be clear on your start date and the length of time you will participate in your chosen protocol, i.e. 30 days, 3 months, 6 months etc. This needs to be flexible
  5. Be clear on the protocol you will be following for your healing journey. There is no one size fits ALL and it may mean a combination of different healing protocols
  6. Know where to source your food from
  7. Meal Plan – this step is non negotiable and is crucial to the success of any gut healing program

The next P of gut healing is PREPARATION.

Give yourself the time you need to get organised. Do not rush this step. It took me at least 6 weeks of planning and preparation before actually starting the GAPS protocol. This was crucial to our success and more importantly my SANITY.

Things to consider when preparing your healing journey:

  1. Be clear of the foods to remove from your diet and which ones to include
  2. Get your pantry stocked with healing essentials, see this blog
  3. Identify where and how you can create convenience so that you are not chained to the kitchen
  4.  Identify where in your week you can block out time to do the crucial activities such as meal planning and food preparation. These activities are key and without it, success and long term sustainable lifestyle change just will not take place.

The last P of gut healing is PERSISTENCE.

Let’s not kid ourselves; initiating any change is hard and overwhelming, especially if you are coming from a place of stress. The learning curve is very steep and more often than not you are just not sure you can actually do this. I know this feeling too well, I’ve been there myself! But you just need to start, and take one day at a time. You will be guaranteed to take a few steps backwards before you go forwards and the journey may be rocky, but you need to keep going. Whenever the feelings of failure or overwhelm come knocking (and they will) just keep your end goal at the forefront of your mind. Imagine your life as if your family was experiencing abundant optimal health.

Imperfect ACTION will always out weigh perfect INACTION. Just need to be willing to try

Imperfect ACTION will always out weigh perfect INACTION. Just need to be willing to try

If you need help with you or your child’s gut healing journey, book in for a free 15 minute call, email me or check out my work with me page to see if one of my programs are a suitable fit for you.

Chantal is a Certified Nutrition & Wellness Coach who specialises in working with stressed and overwhelmed mothers of immune & digestive challenged children to heal their child’ gut by implementing a wholistic personalised step by step plan.