Firstly congratulations for making the 1st step towards treating the ROOT CAUSES, rather than getting stuck on focusing on the symptoms, which is just clue that one of the root causes is out of balance.

Giving you back your POWER….

Giving you back your POWER….

The ROOT CAUSE RESOLUTION Program is getting you off the symptom management hamster wheel and on the path to achieving true health resilience & vitality, your birth right.

In terms of information, through this ROOT CAUSE RESOLUTION program, not only do you have THE BEST information, but you literally have EVERYTHING you could ever need to resolve your health issues for good, for the exception of SUPPORT & ACCOUNTABILITY. This is key to your success.

I know this all to well from personal experience during my own health journey and that of my family including health coaching in a busy Integrative Medical Practise. For a long time, I had ALL the information, I knew EXACTLY what to do, but I was so overwhelmed and paralysed by the enormity of change that I did NOTHING for months on end. That was until I became so desperate and reached out for the support I so dearly needed. It is with the ROOT CAUSE RESOLUTION program & guided support that I have been able to achieve remarkable results including healing anaphylactic allergies for my son.

I do not recommend waiting till you get  to the ‘desperation’ point as that has health consequences for you. I know this ending personally too!

To help guide, mentor & support  you along your ROOT CAUSE RESOLUTION journey, I am offering LIVE group accountability, support and empowerment  with the following options:

  1. 4 X 60 min group sessions + meal plan for $97

  2. 6 X 60 min group sessions + meal plan + 1 X 60 min 1:1 coaching for $147

  3. 8 X 60 min group sessions + meal plan + 1 X 1:1 60 min & 1 X 1:1 30 min coaching sessions for $197

During these sessions we can explore the following:

  • The PILLAR of health that needs your immediate attention and how to start healing this with ease

  • How to identify your family’s unique personalised food prescription

  • Workshop meal plans together

  • The daily ‘mindset’ strategies for you to implement that are easy, fun and benefit the whole family

  • Any questions you have relating to the course content

  • Kitchen hacks to make life easier so that you are not spending all day, everyday in the kitchen

  • How to make this a lifestyle change, yet practical to suit your unique family’s needs

  • How to implement the healing mindset to expedite your results

  • How to get back on track when you feel you’ve fallen off, let’s be honest, this will happen too

 How this will work?

  • We will meet together as a group once a week via the ZOOM video conference platform. Upon payment & registration for your nominated support option. You will be sent an email with the joining instructions. At this stage there will be 2 options, one session during business hours and one outside of business hours.

  • You come prepared with your biggest challenge or question

  • Together we will come up with the best solution to help you move forward on your journey with ease

  • If you cannot attend LIVE, send me your question via email and I will answer it during the live session with a recording made available shortly after

Please note, as a non practitioner , it is not my scope of practice to make any recommendations for remedies or supplements. Should you need guidance with this, It is best to make a private consultation with Sally Gray regarding your unique circumstances and requirements.

Registration & Payment:

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gut health, nutrition and wellness coach

Chantal is an Accredited and Certified Nutrition & Wellness Coach with a very special interest helping busy and overwhelmed mums transform the health of their family using gut healing nutrition and transformational mindset practices.
- Accredited Certificate of Nutrition & Super Nutrition - Cadence Health

- Certified Level 1 & 2 Wellness Coaching - Wellness Coaching Australia

- MINDD Forum Health Coach - Mindd Foundation

- Accredited Real Healthy Kids Facilitator having personally trained with Sally Gray ND

- Clinical Evidence Based EFT Practitioner - In progress - Evidence Based EFT