90 Minute Nutrition & Wellness Audit

Your Kick Starter to transforming YOU or YOUR Family's Health Transformation Journey

Does any of this sound familiar?

You are completely frustrated by you or your family's health?

You want to start making small changes, but you don't want to be overwhelmed by it ALL?

You know that you ALL could benefit from consuming a more nutrient dense diet but you just don't know where to start?

There is so much information regarding gut health, you are confused and you just need someone to help put ALL of the pieces together and provide you a step by step plan to follow? OR,

You might already be eating a good wholefood diet, but it needs some tweaking and you are unsure of what is needed where?

Sounds about right?


Join for me for this private 1:1 90minute session where we will take the time to understand WHAT is going on for you or your family in terms of nutrition & lifestyle? Together we will unpack WHY this may be happening and WHAT the action steps are that you need to take to get you and your family's health back on track again.

This session will be PERFECT if:

  • You’re tired of feeling overwhelmed and confused about nutrition and wellness

  • You want clarity and the next steps to IMPROVE health and start living a THRIVING, HAPPY life

  • You know the health of your gut needs to be improved, but you just don't know where to start

  • You're sick and tired of going in and out of doctor offices with no answers

  • You've been given a nutritional protocol such as FODMAPS, Gluten Free, PALEO, Grain FREE etc to follow but you are struggling to start let alone follow it through

  • You’re tired of second guessing yourself what to feed your family

  • You want & need to know WHY & HOW to reclaim your family's health NOW without the overwhelm and anxiety

  • You may even know what to do, but you are lacking motivation and accountability to follow through

  • You want to get to the source of what is really going on with your family's well-being

The good news is that there are only four - five key areas that affect health and these areas SHOULD be your only focus, anything else is symptom management. There is so much in YOUR hands that can be done to improve health and feel invigorated and energised. All of these key areas are in YOUR Control. The four key areas are:

  • Nutrition, aka Real Food,

  • Gut Microbiome, i.e. your digestion,

  • Toxicity, i.e. outside factors and

  • Emotional Well-being, i.e. the health of the INNER You

Each and EVERY one of these pillars NEED to be in balance in order to achieve any form of optimum health

Let's begin

Before our session, you will receive a Well-being Questionnaire and this will help uncover the MAIN focus during our time together.

You will also complete a Food Diary for at least 3 days (where possible) so that we get a clear picture where we need zoom into

The Aim of our Session together is as follows:

  1. Uncover your BURNING DESIRE for your health & wellness goals and WHY this is important for you NOW - do not underestimate this power of this STEP. In fact it is crucial to you achieving your desired outcome

  2. Identify the obstacles that are currently in the way of you achieving this and potential solutions

  3. Review a current food diary and provide Nutrition recommendations based on your individualised requirements

  4. Identify resources to make implementation a breeze

  5. Determine a personalised step by step plan for you to follow so that you are no longer confused for your next steps

the following are examples of what can be covered in the 90 minutes:

  • Clarification of your health goals and identify key recommendations for easy implementation and success.

  • Learn more about the state of your gut health and the important role it plays in your health outcome

  • Simplify health and what it is YOU need.

  • A review of a food diary to identify key areas that can be improved with better food choices

    • Simple & practical implementation strategies

  • Discover the fuel and tools fundamental to get you back on the road to your vital self and start healing your gut. Even if you’re already healthy & making great choices, there is something here for you.

  • Shining the light on foods and other choices that are affecting your health and create simple strategies to reduce or eliminate them, without feelings of overwhelm and deprivation.

  • Introduce fail proof recipes and tips to amplify the nutrient density of your food and get your cells singing and energy soaring.

  • An understanding of the four key pillars that underpin optimum health and how they may be out of balance.

  • And so much more......

Your Session Includes:

  1. 1 X 90 minute private session

  2. Suggested Nutrition Improvement recommendations based on your health requirements

  3. Personalised step by step Action Plan to achieve your health & wellness goals

  4. BONUS - 15 minute follow up call up to two weeks post the initial 90 minute session

  5. Unlimited email support between the initial 90 minute session and bonus follow up call

If after this session you decided you wanted to continue onto one of the Wholistic Healing Transformational Programs, the cost of this session will automatically be deducted from the TOTAL cost of the chosen transformational program.

Your Investment:


Let's get started.....

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Chantal is a Certified Nutrition & Wellness Coach with a special interest helping stressed and overwhelmed mothers implement gut healing nutrition protocols to transform their family's health back to vibrancy.