"Before starting the program, I kept hearing about why gut health and why it is important. However, the thought of implementing the changes necessary to our family meals and lifestyle seemed all too difficult.

Since working with Chantal, my family are now eating so much more wholefood than before and so much less artificial foods. this was done through small manageable steps.

I have seen real change in the childrens’ behaviour and general wellbeing throughout the program.

Chantal is a tremendous support during this process with helpful emotional support, troubleshooting problems that come up and a large about of recipes and organisation tools.

Chantal has made these changes to her own life and understands.

I now feel confident to continue making the changes needed to so that my family have better health through food."

Ashley- Sydney


"Chantal glows, it’s obvious that she lives what she teaches. Her Thriving Families program has given me the foundations to create personal change both mentally and nutritionally that will will set my family up for good health going forward. Thanks Chantal, I highly recommend anyone that has an interest in improving their family’s wellbeing but doesn’t know where to start does this course."

Jodi - Sydney

"I have worked with Chantal for over 6 weeks on her thriving families program and she has changed my life. Chantal has a professional and gentle approach and not only listened but cared about my families individual needs. Her positive and non-judgemental approach was invaluable with helping me get into the right mindset to make the changes that I now believe were needed a long time ago. Chantal's thriving families program is a one of a kind program that has made me aware and given me the tools to help my family and include them, in being the healthiest they can be. I personally feel so much more alert and energised since commencing her program. I highly recommend Chantal's thriving families program and look forward to working with Chantal further as I continue my health journey"

Aleta Sydney


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