Easy Peasy Wraps

When we transitioned to a completely wholefood way of life, I was pretty much making EVERYTHING from scratch which was obviously time consuming and felt like I was in the kitchen ALL.OF.THE.TIME…scrap that, it didn’t feel like it, I WAS!!

I started looking to see what I could cull from my list of things to make, one of which was wraps. So the search began. How hard could it be I though? VERY HARD….

 OH EM GEE…the ingredients list was horrendous, even the so called healthy ones.

Even when I did try some of “healthier” ones out on the family for convenience, they did not enjoy them and preferred the ones I made.

Alas, wraps stayed on my list of things to make. What is the big deal I thought? It takes me 15-20 minutes start to finish (if I’m not resting the dough, time permitting). They taste good, versatile, pliable and freeze amazingly.

 Here is my tried and tested recipe that I have been using now close to 6 years and it is very forgiving.



  • 3 cups of flour of choice ( I alternate between my Gluten Free flour and Spelt Flour)

  • 1/3 cup of olive oil

  • 2/3 cup of plain greek yoghurt (check the label to ensure there is nothing extra added)

  • 1 tsp of salt

  • ½-1 cup of water, depending on texture…I usually use just over ½ cup


  • Mix all the ingredients together until the dough is formed

  • Rest 30 min  - 4 hours (time permitting, I don’t always rest. This makes the dough easier to digest, specially if using a gluten based flour)

  • Break into small balls, I usually get 10-12

  • Roll out thinly on a floured surface

  • Warm up a pan on medium heat

  • Dry fry until bubbles form, then flip onto the other for another 10 sec or so

  • Repeat.


They are ready to use and freeze amazingly.

Once cooled down, place parchment paper in between slices and freeze in a suitable container or freezer bag.

When ready to use, just allow 5 min for them thaw.