Interview with Sally Gray for all things gut health

I recently had the pleasure of interviewing Sally Gray from Real Healthy kids, to talk all things gut health and why it’s such a critical factor to our health & well being.

Sally Gray is the founder of Real Healthy Kids, a business dedicated to empowering mums with the cutting edge mind body practices to step into their power and live with extraordinary health and daily calm, peace and joy and to become the role models our children need in this day and age. Sally has over 20 years experience as a Naturopath, Nutritionist, Transpersonal Counselor, Certified Life and Self-esteem coach, NLP and  EFT practitioner and she delivers a range of proven programs to create the foundation for exceptional health and healing for her clients.

Below I’ve summarised a few take away points from the interview.

Question 1 – In your expert opinion, what is the fuss about gut health?

  • The gut is now considered an organ and is central to our physical & emotional well being
  • We are outnumbered 10:1 in terms of bacteria to human cells
  • The gut is where nutrients are synthesised, food is digested & absorbed.
  • There is more serotonin in the gut, the feel good neurotransmitter than anywhere else in the body
  • There are more nervous system receptors in the gut than anywhere else in the body and this affects our energetic experience

Question 2 – What are the signs & symptoms of someone needing gut healing?

  • Human health = vibrant health BOTH physically & emotionally, therefore anything less requires gut healing
  • Symptoms such as pms, tummy aches, digestive troubles, allergies, eczema, fatigue, pains & niggles plus so much ALL indicate the gut will require some looking after
  • By the time a physical symptom presents itself, there has been a lot going on in the background, more than likely lots of inflammation
  • Great health is a choice and is available to everyone if we choose to do the work required for a predictable outcome

Question 3 – Is GAPS the only way to heal the gut?

  • Firstly we need to realise that making significant changes to our health involves getting uncomfortable
  • GAPS is not the only way to the heal the gut and there is no one way to heal
  • Healing needs to take into account all of the pillars of health and it’s not just about embracing a nutritional protocol
  • Stress is the underpinning factor to our health
  • GAPS does not address the pillars of health such as emotional well being, genetic predispositions & toxicity
  • Dealing with stress & emotional well being is pivitol to healing

Question 4 – What is the top 1 or 3 things to start the healing process?

  • Start with a commitment to a long term process of healing - get clear on what you want to create in terms of health for you & your family
  • Be prepared to make mistakes and be flexible
  • Find someone to go on the journey with
  • Bring the family along on the journey for increased compliance

Sally’s key message

We can create exceptional inner wellness which will transfer to outer physical health. It starts with the inside first.

Sally can be found online at the following locations:

Website: Real Healthy Kids

Facebook: Real Healthy kids home


I highly recommend Sally’s IGNITE program if you truly want to create the life you want by design and start healing the inner self. The next round of enrollments commence 27th April 2017.

If you need help with you or your child’s gut healing journey, book in for a free 15 minute call, email me or check out my work with me page to see if one of my programs are a suitable fit for you.

Chantal is a Certified Nutrition & Wellness Coach who specialises in working with stressed and overwhelmed mothers of immune & digestive challenged children to heal their child’ gut by implementing a wholistic personalised step by step plan.